[Weekly Inspection] Weekly Server Inspection Notice

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Hello. This is Silkroad Online.


In order to maintain a pleasant gaming and smooth patching experience, all servers will be undergoing weekly server inspection.


Weekly server inspection will occur every Tuesday.


Game Inspection Period : Jun 16, 2009 13:00~18:00 Silkroad Standard

Time (5 hour duration)



- Massive Bot Punishment will be do...

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Legend IV Plus - Event

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Jewel Box Event


  1. Hunt down monsters to collect jewel box (dropped randomly)
  2. Collect certain amount of jewel boxes
  3. Talk to NPC to get reward (So-ok located in every town near teleports)
  4. Exchange Jewel boxes to reward item


There will be varietly of items including Devil's Spirit.

Legend IV - Monsters

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Roc the Monster Bird

The giant sovereign of the Roc Mountain.

Roc the Monster Bird is a gargantuan bird that stands 30m tall.

A hybrid of an eagle and a raven in its appearance, the color of its feathers is dark crimson.

The spam of a single wing is 15m, large enough to blow away everything with a single beating of the wing.

Wishing only to rest peacefully in his nest, Roc mercilessly punished those who threaten...

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Legend IV Plus - Regions

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  • Only characters at level 80 or higher can enter Roc's Nest at the Roc Mountain Peak.

  • To enter the Roc Mountain Peak, the player must go through the Gate of the Sovereign.

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Legend IV Plus - Background Story

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The monster birds, over eons and eons, found the source of power from the flow of time, gaining immense power.  But seemingly unable to find anything to unleash this power on, they continued to live peacefully in their nest.

The young monster bird wandered for centuries, looking for a nest to call it's own.  When an old monster bird lived out its days and vanished like the wind, the young monster bird entered the nest to claim it.  Just then, another monster b...

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